img_4843As a STEM Facilitator, I want to expose all the girls in Sisters4Science to some challenging projects. Building with jelly beans on October 25th was a new and exciting activity! This project offered many learning opportunities for S4S. Problem-solving, designing, planning, and building all come into play when you start building with jelly beans and toothpicks. Our jelly bean structures turned out to be a fun engineering activity. You have to create supports, balance weight evenly, and determine size and shape. Hands-on activities allow them img_4857 img_4855 img_4846 to make a better connection with their learning experiences. Aniya said, “ I didn’t realize how much patience you need to have building structures.” I’m happy that the girls understand that anything worth building is worth building right, not rushed. Along the way, you gather tools that are crucial to the structure. You have to learn patience. Otherwise, you will give up. The more creative, the more social, the most personal something can be it, the more meaningful it becomes for the girls.

Written by: Toriana Williams

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