11_14-9In Sisters4Science at Ariel Community Academy during November, we were lucky enough to be visited by Olivia Gomez, a nutritionist, all three Mondays before Thanksgiving break! She broke down each week into different topics and brought something each week for the girls to try. Olivia taught mostly about natural substitutes for things we use and eat on a regular basis.

Her first week in program she taught the girls how what you put in your body can affect cramps and other common symptoms of a woman’s menstrual period. Instead of eating sugary food when you crave something, she made us a delicious lemon almond dessert ball to substitute. Haniyae exclaimed “I want this recipe, so I can help my mom and sister when they don’t feel good!” It was11_7-2 so delicious, you could not even taste that there was no added sugar! Olivia also brought bananas and flax seeds which are also good for controlling cramps, but are also delicious for breakfast!

The next week Olivia brought us apple cider vinegar and taught us that when mixed with witch hazel it is a very effective facial cleanser. The vinegar kills bacteria and the witch hazel minimizes the appearance of blemishes. The girls loved putting it on their faces it felt very cleansing. Apple cider vinegar can also be ingested to balance the pH in your stomach. So being the scientific women we are, we wanted to test out this theory. All the girls tried a tablespoon of the vinegar … It did NOT taste good, “That is one tip I WILL NOT do at home! It tastes so gross” said Amara.

The last day Olivia was with us she made us a delicious chia seed pudding. Lauriana thought the “Chia seeds look like bugs! But they taste good!” We added almond milk, agave nectar, and vanilla extract to the chia seeds. Since the pudding needed to rest over night to fully absorb the almond milk, Olivia had brought us some pre-made pudding for us to try with almonds and blueberries on top! Olivia taught us that in Ancient Aztec socie 11_14-5 ty they used Chia seeds to keep themselves hydrated during the day!

The girls had such a great time learning about nutrition with Olivia! They had so many questions for her throughout the three weeks, I thought we would never get through all the activities!! The Sisters4Science at Ariel certainly are very curious! With only a few more weeks in the semester before winter break, we are looking forward to having a few more opportunities to do some science!

Written by: Meghan Bagley

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