Chicago was hit with its first snowfall of the year, on December 4th, 2016. The following week, what way to celebrate it by making artificial snow! The girls used a diaper and a bit of water. They learned that in the diaper there is a polymer called Sodium Polyacrylate which works well to absorb water. Once the girls made there artificial snow thy wanted to go outside and compare it to the snow on the ground, they couldn’t see a difference it seemed so real! The girls were notified that they were going to have a guest the following week, Ms. Olivia to speak to them about nutrition. So, it was time for journaling! They took out their handy-dandy journals and were asked “Why do you think nutrition is important?” while listening to some music together as sisters. The girls responded by noting various reasons such as: “it is important for our health so we don’t get sick”, “to grow up healthily”, and some said “to not die”. Also, each girl wrote at least two questions for Ms. Olivia, some wrote, “What does chip have that makes them bad for us?” and “Can we live by just eating junk food?” The girls had excellent and interesting questions!

To end the day, the girls then planned their holiday celebration, and they decided a great way to do so would be to have a secret Santa! Each girl was excited, and I don’t blame them! It is a season of cheer and joy after all! The following week, the girls had Ms. Olivia as a guest. She spoke to the girls on nutritional topics like how nutrition affects pimples. The girls even had the opportunity to make their own facal solution to put whenever they feel a pimple coming using witch hazel and apple cider vinegar. The girls had fun doing so! Even though they did not enjoy the smell, they were enthusiastic about it they were asking Olivia, “Do we put this every morning, or just when we feel a pimple?”

They were also introduced to flax seeds which help can help with cramps during a menstrual cycle. As young girls, they thought this was a good advice. Then Olivia was kind to bring the girls chia pudding, yummy! The girls enjoyed it, Kayla, one of the girls, even asked for the recipe for she can make it at home.

Lastly, the girls had their holiday celebration with each girl giving their secret Santa their present. Each saying “I knew you had me!” and each girl laughing, eating, and just enjoying each other’s presence as sisters. Overall, throughout the semester the girls grew a bond with each other. They each enjoyed the activities such as the candy cell model they made, the pumpkin volcano, the artificial snow, but they also enjoyed the fun field trip they had going to the animal cruelty center. When we ended the holiday celebration the girls suggested certain activities they wanted to do and topics they wanted to learn about, the girls were just very excited and curious to learn about science! We cannot wait to continue doing fun activities and go to fun field trips but for now Happy Holidays and Happy New Year!

Written by: Angelina Jaimes

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