In our final week at Science Giants, we wrapped up the semester with a small STEM competition between the students. Though the weather outside was freezing cold, the competition was hot! Through three different activities the students played for scientific glory. The student’s first challenge was to catch a tissue using only tape and a paperclip. “Is this even possible?!” exclaimed a frustrated Jovon! His teammate, Melvin, encouraged him from the sidelines “just keep trying! We have to win this one!” After lots of trial and error, the students found that the best method was to use the momentum of the paperclip at the end of the tape to create a pendulum swing and have the tape lasso around the tissue to rip it out of the box!

Next the students used paper plates, rubber bands, straws, and skewers to create the car that would travel down the hallway the furthest! Some students used the rubber bands as a slingshot, but the winning team of Macaya and Jakhiya used the rubber band to flick it down the hall. “I think we won because of how circular our wheels were, not because of the rubber band!” said Macaya.

The last challenge was probably the most difficult. Each team received a pile of straws, masking tape, and a Ping-Pong ball and were to create a track along the wall where the Ping-Pong ball could travel the furthest. The hardest part of this challenge was figuring out how to suspend the track along the wall only using tape. The winning team, Melvin, Alonzo, and Jovon created a track where the straws were all taped together in rows, we thought it looked kind of like a water slide, but maybe that was just us missing summer! This competition was a fun way to wrap up the semester, and we cannot wait till we start again in the spring!

Written by: Meghan Bagley

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