2016 has been great for the students and I as we complete a full year together. When I was first introduced to Project Exploration I thought it would be a great opportunity. However, I didn’t know at the time that this experience would force me to be creative like never before.

One of the most popular things we did this past semester was go to the Uber corporate office. This experience for the students was very informative and helped them look into future career opportunities. As the STEM field grows and more jobs become available, these students will have the skills necessary to fill those positions. The Uber experience allowed the students get more personal with the staff of a growing start-up that has changed the transportation industry. Having this up close and personal experience allowed the students to ask about different jobs in the tech field and explore different career options in the that aren’t specific to STEM.

One of my goals for the students is to make sure they have the best learning experience possible. The goal for the new year is to get state of the art technology for the present and future schools we visit. Obtaining this technology will make the learning process more comfortable for the students and I. One of the challenges I faced with teaching at schools is the restricted access to computers and internet. This is mainly caused by the conflict of schedules with the school technology specialist and our program hours. Since computers are considered “old” or obsolete after 5 years (or even less), this new technology will ensure that we have the best current teaching methods possible. The iPads are low maintenance and will mainly require software updates for consistency. Having this technology will help kids learn with the technology that many people use every day. Most of the tech giants predict that desktop computers won’t be around in about five years for the average consumer, so this will be great prep for the students as they advance with the technology.

Written by: Nigel Ray

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