I cannot believe the first semester of Sisters4Science at Ariel is already over! It feels like just yesterday we were getting started, and I was meeting the girls for the first time! I cannot wait to get started again in the spring! The girls’ constant energy and enthusiasm has made working with them so incredibly fun! They take every activity and make it something new and work as hard as they can at it.

Our last program in November, we learned a little bit about global warming and took on the role of newswomen. The girls wrote news stories about big storms, littering, and flooding in Alabama, then tried to convince their listeners to take action to prevent further global warming through one or more of the actions they came up with to stop global warming! The girls then filmed the newscasts themselves. Linneia tried to convince “More people to come down (to the beach) to help us clean up. We have to get trash out of the ocean to help the fish and the earth!” Logan and Antonia gave us an awesome explanation of how global warming hurts the earth and a few steps to help stop it including “It is important to recycle so there is not as much trash on the beach, and reusing things, like a soap bottle and turn it into a brush so it doesn’t go into the ocean.”

Our first and only program in December was Monday the 5th, and we had a STEM competition! The girls were split into teams, and I had two big challenges for them. The first competition the girls were given masking tape, straws, a cup and scissors and they had to construct a tower that would hold the cup when I filled it with pencils. Whichever team’s cup held the most would win. Both teams took different routes; one team went for high and strong and placed their cup on a pedestal of straws. The other team used the bendy part of the straw, taped that to the cup, and then taped the other side to the table all around the cup. Haniyae was fairly confident that her team’s tower, the first one would win, “We have more support on the bottom than their tower, so I think we will win!” Halle, on the other team thought “with more support on the side ours won’t tip over!” In the end, it was very close, but it turns out the first team’s tower fell over because of a lack of support on the side with 24 pencils. The second team’s fell down once we got to 26 pencils because of a lack of support on the bottom. “We should have combined our ideas and supported on the side and the bottom,” Faith said.

Our second activity was to make a balloon car that would go the furthest. Unfortunately, in this activity the girls made all the cars great, but struggled to figure out a way to attach the balloon to the car without making it pop, or having it fall off. Ayjah’s car went the furthest, and she decided to keep the balloon off of the car. Instead, she held the balloon and used the air to push the back of the car as she moved it along. I am so thrilled with how much the girls have learned and done this semester, and I can’t wait for next semester to learn even more!


Written by: Meghan Bagley

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