Happy New Year! It is very exciting to start a new year, as the program starting soon I am very excited! This month Sister4Science at Orozco just had their recruitment fair and 22 girls sign up! Yay!

Sisters4Science is a program for middle school girls -primarily minority girls – where the girls are introduced to science activities varying in various topics. The goals for this semester are to engage the students to science hands on activities and introduce the girls to woman scientists that do science in their everyday lives. On the day of recruitment, the girls were informed about the very first field trip to the girls and health day and they were very excited! They were asking where is the field trip going to be? Who is going to the field trip? Etc. This semester the girls are going to be part of activities that are fun, but also educational! For example, one activity in mind is to teach how oil spills are eventually crucial to the environment not only for the animals but also to humans mentioning the issue of the South Dakota Access Pipeline. Other activities include creating their own lip balms and introduce to them a career option such as a cosmetic chemist; or doing an egg drop activity making them aware of physics and engineering.

January 26th was the very first day of the program. The girls had the opportunity to get to know each other, by playing games as icebreakers. The girls played the skittles “get to know you” game, for each color the girls had to share something to the group (i.e. orange (goals), yellow (hobbies), purple (achievements). They also played lighthouse icebreaker which they really enjoyed the girls had the chance to get out of the classroom into the hallway and become comfortable with each other.

The second meeting was very fun. The girls came in and said with curiosity “What are we doing today?” They were informed that they were going to learn about oil spills. First they were asked if they had heard about what was going on with the Dakota access pipeline, and, no, most of them were not aware. Therefore I explained to the girls and they became political but also concerned as one student said “ We cannot drink water with oil, that’s just ew”. Then I showed them a video of young kids around their age that are protesting for their human rights and their environmental rights. This semester is going to be a fun and educational semester in which the girls will be learning about science and how it is relevant in their everyday lives!

Written by: Angelina Jaimes

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