This will be my first semester teaching Sisters4Science at Carter G. Woodson Middle School, and to say that I’m excited is an understatement! The Sisters4Science program starts on Tuesday, February 21 and I’ve been preparing and visualizing cool and innovative experiments to do with the girls! One of my goals for this semester is to plan out experiments that extracted concepts and techniques from four different disciplines: Biology, Chemistry, Physics, and Engineering.

One of the experiments that I’m most excited about teaching this semester is one that focuses on building two different structures of catapults, and seeing if one catapult can launch items faster than the second catapult. My second goal is to help the girls apply what they’ve learned from each experiment to their everyday lives. This semester, we have a total of five STEM Professionals visiting the girls at Woodson! The names of the five STEM Professionals are Ms. Krissa Skogen, Ms. Becca Thompson, Ms. Katrina Miller, Ms. Munah Gwyan, and Ms. Juanita Garcia. They come from a range of different ares of expertise such as Botany, Physical Chemistry, Physics, Engineering, and green building and urban planning. I am looking forward to having all of them give a brief background of what they’re studying, what inspired them to partake in this particular profession, and to provide hands-on science experiments for the girls! Lastly, we have a variety of field trips and events this semester!

On February 23rd, 2017, students from Woodson and Funston will be working with the James Dyson’s engineers to design a prototype out of carboard and other supplies! I can’t wait to work with the engineers and the girls! Also, I am thrilled to work with the girls for the end of the year Reflection of Knowledge event on Friday, May 19! This event will allow the girls to talk about what they’ve learned from the past semester and to also showcase a presentation that they have prepared. There’s a lot to do this semester, but I know that this will be a great semester for myself and for the girls!

Written by: Annie Yung

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