Hello! My name is Karen Duquette. I have graduated from Marian University in Fond du Lac, WI with my Bachelor’s Degree in Forensic Science with minors in Chemistry and Computer Forensics. I’m excited to be working for Project Exploration because it is very similar to something that I have done before! I have put together presentations/workshops for younger generations, and I loved doing it. I love teaching younger generations about Forensics.

For the Forensic Investigators program, one activity that I’m really excited about is smashing watermelons with different instruments to determine different “blood” spatter patterns. Later in the program, the students will be able to construct their own crime scene have their peers solve it. I hope the students in the Forensic Investigator program are able to discover that forensics is very different from what is portrayed on television shows. I hope they enjoy learning the different sections of forensics such as: fingerprints, bloodstain analysis, evidence collection, etc. It is my sincere hope that they get a lot out of this program and maybe even contemplate going into this field.

Written by: Karen Duquette

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