Welcome back, everyone, to Sisters4Science at Funston Elementary! I’m more than glad to lead you through what is ahead of us this spring. Though days are at low temps, my girls won’t let our wondering minds freeze. Nope, never! My girls have been very thrilled to be back and even some new girls are excited to start a journey with us.

Okay, let’s look into what is behind the scenes. For the upcoming sessions, we have STEM Professionals (or guest-scientists) lined up through the end of March (yes, we are still in need of more female professionals throughout May). We started out first two sessions with our newest addition, Annie Young and one of our veteran-facilitators, Meghan Bagley—I’m sure, my girls enjoyed having them and learned some other ways to look at science while I’m gone. Then, we had our first visitor for this year, Ms. Krissa Skogen who is a Conservation Scientist at Chicago Botanic Garden. Since we haven’t had a chance to do plant biology, this was very much like an eye-opening session for all of us. Learning insect-flower relationship and why pollens are so important in eco-system.

We have another biology session coming up right after Valentine’s week, and the rest are filled with city design, city planning, and engineering. Isn’t that so amazing we get to meet female engineers from/around the city – like Ms. Amy Kryston who is from U.S. Army Corps of Engineering. Sounds so thrilling! The girls will be doing, of course, hands-on activities, plus they will be interviewing each professional as they visit us.

Along with these wonderful guests, we have surprising field trips planned for the girls. Plus, I have a special plan towards the end of spring—engineering in style. Yes, fashion style. This I believe is one of the practical ways to experience science in our very lives. More details are coming as the semester unfolds. I have to keep it in secret for now, but follow us here on our blog, on Facebook, Twitter, and Instgram for updates. I would like to leave you some spaces to imagine what kind of science there is in fashion. Please, stay tuned to discover what is coming 🙂 I cannot wait to share all this with you very soon.

Written by: Bori Kim

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