While Punxsutawney Phil (groundhog meteorologist extraordinaire) was disappointing the nation with the news “6 more weeks of winter”, Project Exploration, After School Matters, and Austin College and Career Academy teamed up again to bring the Austin community 10 more weeks of science!

Recruitment for the spring session of Environmental Adventures took place from January 31st through February 3rd with amazing results. Over 30 students applied for enrollment in the program! Returning this season also are all 5 of our ACCA alumni from last season. Students and instructors shared many hugs and “I missed you”s during recruitment. It was clear that not only was last season a great experience for everyone, but there was reason to be excited for the spring. These students showed a ton of promise during the interview process. When asked why they were interested in joining the program, answers varied wonderfully! Some students just wanted a way to stay busy and productive after school. Others are A+ science students thinking about careers in STEM and looking for an outlet. One student stuck out, saying “I heard the world was coming to an end because of global warming, and I want to know why, can you teach me that?” Knowing this, Environmental Adventures has a ton of exciting events planned for the semester. EA will not only continue it’s exploration of plant and animal interactions, soil science, ecology and climate, but expand into urban ecology, environmental justice and social responsibility. Guest speakers, Field Trips and even more dissections are all on the table when our students meet for the first time on February 22nd.

Written by: Kyle Reid

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