Planning this semester of Science Giants has been such a joy, and it’s matched by the fact that we have 11 returning Science Giants from last semester! The enthusiasm from our returning students has made it easy to recruit more students each and every semester. In so many of my interviews with potential new students, they speak of how much their friends enjoyed being in the program so they wanted to give it a try to! One of our students, who has been with us since her freshmen year, told me during the break that being a part of Science Giants has made her more confident speaking in front of groups. She told  me that before she started the program she was terrified to say anything in classes, but now she likes to give speeches and leading projects in class. It made me so happy that not only had she been performing so well in program but also that the skills she was learning were bleeding into her everyday life! These are the stories that make it so easy for me to put together a full semester of engaging and fun activities for these kids!

This semester the Science Giants will be teaching hands-on STEM to elementary school students again, but with a much stronger focus on content and teaching to a specific age group. The program will be divided into teaching 5-8 year-olds and 9-12 year-olds, but each group will be focusing on the same general topic each week. I think this focus will help the students with classroom management and with teaching the topic so it is appropriate for the age groups. We will also be doing a large project that will span the whole semester where the students will be able to develop a product to solve a problem they see in their communities or personal lives. At the end of the semester, they will present their products and “shark tank pitches” at our final event! I can’t wait to see what kind of products they come up with! This semester at Science Giants will be so different since so many of our students will be returning from last semester, but I’m hoping that the returning students will take on the challenge of being leaders and pushing each other to always be improving and challenging each other!

Written By: Meghan Bagley

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