We just started our Sisters4Science program at Carter Woodson on February 28th! The week before that we were invited to present a brief introduction about the mission of Project Exploration and what the Sisters4Science program entails to the prospective and returning students. I also let it slip through my mouth that we were planning on making ice cream as our first activity! (Whoops!)

After the girls introduced themselves and filled out paperwork, we were ready to start making ice cream in a bag. After the girls had precisely measured out all of the ingredients (milk, vanilla extract, and sugar) into a small resealable bag, they were ready to add salt and ice into a gallon size resealable bag and start shaking their bags vigorously! They were jumping, bouncing, and moving their entire bodies around the classroom to ensure that their ice cream was frozen! Ms. Sarai Martinez, a Teaching Fellow, and I repeatedly heard the girls say: “Can I have more sprinkles?”, “Can you give me some more fudge?”, and “Can we have seconds?” Ms. Martinez and I smiled and knew that the girls loved the hands on and delicious science experiment! Not only that, but they enjoyed discussing why the experiment worked!

As we progress through the semester, the girls and I are anticipating a total of five STEM Professionals! For this upcoming Tuesday (March 21st), we’re expecting Ms. Krissa Skogen, a Conversation Scientist at Chicago Botanic Garden, to bring an activity based on Botany. Also, we will be taking a couple of the girls to watch the Hidden Figures movie at the Adler Planetarium on March 25th! To finish off the rest of the semester, we will be focusing on experiments involving Engineering and Biology. We have a lot of great activities and STEM Professionals coming this semester, so please continue to read our blogs!

Written By: Annie Yung

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