Most of the boys reminded me of myself when I was in high school; I can see it in their face, they just want to learn something cool or nothing at all.

One day that all changed.

“Hurry up, its not rocket science.” I remember hearing that phrase pretty often as a kid growing up. Unfortunately, that phrase can no longer be said on Thursdays in the Explore Technology class. It is rocket science, that is exactly what we are learning. Seeing these kids be good at something so complex leaves such a warm feeling in my heart. The ones who you would expect to not volunteer for anything are the main students raising their hands for the next task. I have been asking my students lately do they see themselves as a rocket scientist, some just shrug in confusion while others seek the glamor of the title. I am very appreciative of Dr. Judy Lubin volunteering her time and education for the students to learn something cool and unique. I have seen a huge change in my student’s behavior when class is in session. Knowing that there is a launch date approaching everybody gives their undivided attention. We are all looking forward to learning more and launching successfully. So far, we have no problems to report.

Written By: Nigel Ray

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