“Bori, you are so romantic!” said my coworker Annie. Ms. Kiara, our Program Coordinator shared with Annie her visit to one of our Sisters4Science sessions on the Valentine’s Day. Yes, it happened to be a Valentine’s Day when we had Sisters4Science that Tuesday. No guest-scientist was assigned; it was only the girls-and-myself day. I was thinking of something Valentine-ish, but still science. There comes chocolates. Yes, CHOCOLATES! As we’ve tasted once in our life-time (or I believe more than once), there are so many flavors out there. Raspberry, blueberry, mint, caramel and hazelnut…well, I cannot even count. Not just flavors, but its intensity such as milk or dark. So, we did some sensory practices. Sounds very savory, even sweet, right?!

For this sweet, savory moment, I had everything set up on each table with plates of chocolates. Plain dark chocolate, sea salt caramel, mint, raspberry, cashew nut, and milk caramel, which is different from sea salt caramel. Yes, the girls were very surprised, excited, even so passionate for what is on the table; “Miss Bori, can we eat this?” “It is really Valentine’s Day.” Two groups of 4-5 girls began to see, smell, touch, and taste. We had two writers in each group and they were to write down all their observation and tasting experience:

“Plain Dark tasted like cocoa after it sits.” “This one tasted sweet with a hint of salt.” “You can taste the caramel melt in your mouth.” “There’s hint of raspberry; it’s hard and smooth.” “Mint has a strong smell; you will know this without seeing them.”

We traded our tasting experience with a whole group then here it was—Blind Tasting. Each person in a group would come forward with eyes covered and their hands in front only. I put a bite of random chocolate pieces on their hands. Here they began to shout out: “Caramel!” “Nope, you have to give me a full name of it.” A girl from other group, “Sea Salt Carmel!” “Yay!” that group got so excited. Everyone forgot to check on a time; we were about to almost miss going home on time. This was such a special day for all of us. Yes, love is truly on the air.

Surprisingly, on the following week, Dr. Irene Helenowski brought chocolates for Biostatistics. Isn’t it interesting that we could do some math with chocolates? I loved the idea that Dr. Helenowski, our long-time partner and STEM Professional presented for the girls. “Is it probability that we are doing?” Taneeyah asked with such an excitement. Dr. Helenowski agreed and all 7th grade girls brought their excitement on a table. “That’s what we are doing right now.” “It’s interesting.” Yes, this surely ignited their interests 🙂 We love the truth unfolded this February; science can be so romantic.

Written By: Bori Kim

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