Project Exploration is proud to feature this month’s STEM Professional: Ernest Williams! He is a Design Engineer and was kind enough to perform a bridge building activity with our Brothers4Science program. He has answered some interview questions below.

  1. Thinking back to when you started working with Project Exploration, what inspired you to be involved with our students?

I have been a mentor for the past five years now so when the opportunity came about to work with STEM. I just saw it as a chance to expand my reach.

2. What do you hope to gain from your work with Project Exploration?

I hope that someone can take just the smallest bit of knowledge from me and carry it forward in their life.

3. Is there a memorable student, activity, or interaction that stands out in your mind?

  • What activity did you facilitate and what was the impact to you?
  • What has been your favorite activity that you have done with students and why?

I have met with the students once, and we did a bridge building activity. It was my first time hosting an activity on my own, but it went well. I think the kids really enjoyed themselves.

5. How do you enjoy spending your time outside of Project Exploration?

The majority of my time is spend building on my professional relationships. I am still fairly new in my profession, so I take every opportunity possible to socialize with those who have been in the game for a while.

6. What’s next for you?

It is hard to say I am always growing, expanding and learning new things. My focus now is just to sustain the reputation that I have built.

7. In preparing for PE programs, what skills have you gained that you feel are most valuable?

Communication is and always will be the key to proper planning, being able to paint a picture with words that even a child can understand is an art. This is one skill that can make or break a presentation.

8. Did you ever imagine yourself being so involved with a nonprofit that advocates STEM education like Project Exploration?

No, I use to be a part of a similar program when I was in high school but never did I think that I would be that guy that inspired my 10 years ago to someone else.

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