“How do you get students interested in STEM?” is the constant question that Project Exploration is trying to ask through our programs and organization efforts. One answer we have found is going into the communities and directly interacting with the families and youth through activities and hands-on experiences. For the last year, this has been done through a grant from the Hive Fund for Connected Learning through the Chicago Community Trust called the ‘MakerMOB’. We are pleased to announce that Project Exploration, along with Chicago Public Library, Peggy Notebaert Nature Museum, Adler Planetarium, Colombia College’s Scientists for Tomorrow, Level UP, Yollocalli, and leading partner NEIU’s Center for College Access and Success; has been approved for a second year of this incredible grant and programming opportunity.

This year, “we aim to reach five communities during the 2017 – 2018 school year that are excited for more STEM opportunities,” says our hard-working grant leader, Meghan Hausman from NEIU’s Center for College Access and Success. Unlike the previous iteration of this grant, which focused on summer festivals and farmer’s markets, the partners will be taking it to the next level and going directly into the schools to work with the communities, and also Meghan also included that “we will be hosting family STEM nights where families can gather and eat, make, and share what they have learned! This time around will be a little more of a marathon as well, since the partners will be working throughout the school year.

Project Exploration is excited to be a part of this opportunity again and is looking forward to sharing our passion for STEM education to new communities and families!

Written by: Jaclyn Carmichael, Program Director

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