March was filled with so much learning and tasting! Ms. Olivia Gomez came to visit the girls not only one day of March but the whole month! 😀 The girls asked “What are we doing today?”, and they were told that a nutritionist is coming to visit. First thing they said: “ Are we going to try different foods?” They were immediately curious on what they were going to learn.

One day, Olivia brought different brands of water such as FIJI water, Evian water, Ice Mountain water, Essential water, and Dasani water. One of the girls Jessica and Isabella said “ OMGOSH FIJI water can I have it?” Olivia then explained what they were going to learn about and why water was so important to our bodies. It was very interesting how much the girls already knew about water, Valeria mentioned, “Our bodies are made out of 70% of water.” Many girls told Olivia, “ I drink a lot of water”, others mentioned to her “ I cannot drink water alone, it needs to have a bit of flavor”.

The girls then moved on to the activity, Olivia passed out pH strips. The girls asked, “What are we going to test with these?” “The water?” and they were shocked on when they were going to measure the pH of water. One of the girls asked, “Isn’t water neutral? “. The girls found out some brands of water were not as neutral as they thought. Before moving on, Olivia mentioned how pH of urine is also important, they were given pH strips and if they wanted they could measure their pH of urine. If not, another way to see your body pH is through saliva. Many of the girls came back and compared their results to what the pH indicator chart said, one girl after measuring her body pH Brenda said, “ I need to drink more water”.

Lastly, the girls played four corners to win a certain brand of water. What a competition I tell you! Another day, the girls learned about milk. Ms. Olivia brought various types of milk such as almond milk, coconut milk. When the girls came to the classroom, they were very excited! Karime and Karina said, “Food!” The girls tried the various milks, Isabel said “ The rice milks tastes like Horchata.”, Wendy said “ The chocolate almond milk was my favorite!”. Many girls favorite was the chocolate almond milk. One girl Isabella asked “Why aren’t these cold?” Ms. Olivia explained that these milks sometimes do not need to be refrigerated until opened. Also, many of the girls asked, “ Where can we buy these, and are these expensive?” Ms. Olivia explained that they could be found in many grocery stores such as Whole Foods, Target, and Walgreens etc., and that they are pricey depending where you buy it.

Then they tried ice cream that was made from coconut milk and the other from almond milk. Girls were delighted from the delicious treat! But that was not the only treat they tried chia pudding! Many girls were aware of what Chia pudding was, but some weren’t. Some girls said, “ That looks funny.” But once they tried it they said “ This is YUMMY!” or “ Can we eat this before a game?” and Ms. Olivia said, “ Yes, definitely, it would give you the energy you need!”

Written By: Angelina Jaimes

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