This last month, the Forensic Investigators learned so much about Forensic Science! In the past few weeks, they have learned about Drug Identification/Forensic Laboratory, Anthropology, Entomology, Footwear/Tire Impressions, Forensic Pathology, and Serial Offenders. These are all pieces of evidence that can be involved at a Crime Scene.

The students love the messier hands on activities! One of their favorite activities was for the Footwear/Tire Impressions. I gave them the supplies, and they just had a blast with it! They all gathered on the floor and worked together by making their footwear impressions in the dirt or sand that was provided. After, some of the students played around with the casting material. They started casting different things besides their shoes. April De La Cruz took scissors and made a casting of them in the soil. Then, Andrea Hernandez casted her hand.

Some students’ footwear impressions turned out, but some did not. The ones that didn’t turn out perfectly were okay though; everyone had the opportunity to observe the other footwear impressions that did turn out well. They had examined the detail that a footwear impression can catch. A not so messy activity, they had fun being able to research different Serial Killers. Ranging from Jeffery Dahmer to the Night Stalker. LuzMarie Bond was so into researching the Serial Killers. She had researched two different kinds of Serial Killers: a real one and a fictional one. LuzMarie had told me, “I want to be the one to interview the Serial Killers!” I had told her that she can do that! I had said, “You know, you can become a Forensic Psychologist.” She was so excited that she could pursue Forensic Psychology!

Written By: Karen Duquette

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