Partnerships are great in life, especially as we grow into the individuals who we aspire to be. The Dyson foundation has given our students priority to try their engineering box!  The box consists on a vacuum that is no longer in production for the students to experiment with. Also, it comes with multiple vacuum heads for the students to experiment with on a personal level. This is followed by a dedicated USB drive that has several informal information to inspire the students.

One thing that the students found fascinating were the backgrounds of the different engineers involved to successfully make a vacuum function. When the students found out the importance of plastic engineering, they were surprised that there are entire careers devoted to the study of plastics. This was very informal to the students, and it helped them understand that there are other career fields that they can major in besides what they are exposed to growing up.

Engineering is important for the advancement of humanity. It’s a flied that is always innovating to make life easier for humanity. Before the engineering program started, there was only one student that showed interest in engineering that number soon grew to three students out of twelve.

Now that we are at the innovating stage of the program, things are starting to get more complex for the students. By “complex” I mean that the things the students are coming up with are either not possible or would cost a fortune to build. Sometimes I wonder if it’s good to have a big imagination.

The students have a hard time coming up with the business aspect of their inventions. One of the inventions that really caught my attention was the innovation of an anti-bully device. While the concept was great, the process of implementing it would cost a fortune, and the programming would be a monumental undertaking. It was brilliant, as many of the ideas were, but it would simply be hard to make it a reality. The idea consisted of a camera that would scan your body and recognize you as a person. If the camera senses a threat after scanning a person, an alarm would triggered and the person is notified. While the idea is great something like this would cost the consumer a fortune, especially if small cameras can be up to $400 or more for a basic model. Maybe someday it will be a reality though, and our students can help make it so!

Written By: Nigel Ray

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