March in Sisters4Science here at Ariel was jam packed with guests and some really cool hands-on activities! We explored physics, mechanical and civil engineering, and we also were able to explore our own bodies through educational models!

Ms. Munah who works for a civil engineering firm that redesigns sidewalks for the city came and taught us about how new infrastructure gets approved to be constructed in a city or town. We were able to act out what different parties involved may have to say about the construction and what is taken into consideration when planning out large projects! Cody told Ms. Munah, that she never realized how many people are involved in something like constructing a road, and that it is not just the city.

Ms. Amaris from the Chicago Botanical Garden is a museum educator and the girls made models of a leg and the different joints using household supplies, like condiment cups and little ping pong balls attached to a toilet paper roll to demonstrate the ball and socket joint on a hip. Ms. Amaris’ lesson was super cool because we were able to get up and move around to see how our own leg joints compared to those in our model! One of the leg models broke, so at the end of class Haniyae held a funeral for “Leggy” This class was especially goofy and fun!

Ms. Katrina a physicist from University of Chicago came into program and challenged the students to make their own Newton’s Cradles. At the end of program Alayja told me “I loved trying to figure out how to make the beads swing back and forth! Each of the groups were different!” The open-endedness of this lesson and challenge was great for the girls to see that there isn’t just one way to solve a problem like this!

Our last week of March, Ms. Bori from Sister4Science at Funston Elementary School subbed for me, and she brought the challenge to protect an egg from breaking after being dropped! This month was full of new challenges and exciting STEM professionals! We are looking forward to getting ready for our Reflections of Knowledge!

Written By: Meghan Bagley


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