This month’s Partner Spotlight is The Resurrection Project! Luis Bermudez, Director of Neighborhood Collaborations and Partnerships, was kind enough to answer a few questions about The Resurrection Project and their work with Project Exploration:

Please tell us about the community you work in?

  • I work in the Back of the Yards community. It’s a predominately immigrant community and most come from Mexico.  The Back of the Yards is best known for the slaughter houses and the meat process plants.  It’s also the birth place of modern day community organizing thanks to Sal

How would you describe your organization’s work with youth?

  • Just getting started! Over the years The Resurrection Project has concentrated in housing, financial wellness and immigration.  We’ve had some youth programs through our Elev8 programs and our Resurrection Basketball League.  We now have expanded by host One Summer Chicago and a variety of After School Matters programs.

How does partnering with Project Exploration help your organization advance your mission and/or goals?

  • One of our goal has always been to challenge people to act on their faith and values.  One of those values we hold dearly is education and with PE providing programs that begin to address the tech field is a way of reinforcing our value.

What role do you see science and/or STEM education playing in the development of your community?

  • It’s extremely needed Latinos and people of color are not represented well in the fields of science and technology especially youth ladies of color.  We need these programs to get our people thinking about science and tech and math as avenues to careers.

Can you tell us an interesting, memorable, and/or touching story about a young person (or group of young people) who is involved in our program?

  • I remember when we introduced a tech program in Back of the Yards and we were working with 11 thru 13 year olds.  I really enjoyed that we that we had some young ladies who had never done coding and they really enjoyed it.  The young ladies begin to really think about science and tech as careers.

Final thoughts – Please feel free to add anything that you feel would conclude the article nicely.

  • Our work Project Exploration is vital for our community. We desperately need more representation in field of science, tech, engineer and math!

Project Exploration is proud to partner with wonderful organizations like The Resurrection Project and is thankful for their continued support.

To learn more about The Resurrection Project, visit

Interview Questions Completed By: Luis Bermudez

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