Over the course of this program, the students have learned a lot about Forensic Science. They took a field trip to Northwestern University Hospital on April 14th, where they learned about the Brain from Garam Kim. They learned about the different parts of the brains. Their favorite part though, was when they got to see the brains and touch them. LuzMarie Bond was the one that was looking forward to that field trip, ever since I mentioned that’s where we were going. She even had told her mom, “I’m going to go touch brains!”

On April 27th, we had a guest speaker come in Michael Levesque. He had taught the students about confident communication. Each of the students had to stand up and talk about the Forensics program their own way. Jacqueline Ortiz had a great time in the workshop, she had a very positive attitude and it helped her gained more confidence in presenting.

The last thing they had learned was Crime Scene Investigation. They went over on what to do when you get to a Crime Scene. Such as observing the crime scene, take notes, take photos, sketch the Crime Scene, and then finally collect the evidence. One of the activities that they enjoyed was when we went outside and I had them choose one of the search methods they learned. They chose the line method, where they had to work together to find the coins that I tossed into the field. Everything that the students have learned throughout the program, they got to piece together by solving a Mock Crime Scene, and creating a mock crime scene. LuzMarie Bond, Jacqueline Ortiz, Anthony Elizalde, Melissa Herrera, Grace Batalla, and Briana Quezada all had fun creating a mock crime scene. They had created a scene where I had to solve it.

This was an amazing semester with an amazing group of girls. I can’t believe it’s almost over already!

Written By: Karen Duquette

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