April is here, and the girls know it! The girls excited the weather is getting beautiful and excited for spring season to come!

This month, S4S had a STEM professional visit. We had Ms. Munah came in to teach the girls about civil engineer. “So, what is engineering?”, Ms. Munah asked the girls. Jocelyn said, “constructing buildings”, Elizabeth said, “ Engineers use math and certain tools”, Karina said, “They use their creativity to build certain things”. Those were excellent answers! The girls had knowledge of what is engineering! Once Ms. Munah knew what the girls knew about engineering she told them about her work such as building different bridges around the city and explained the activity.

The girls were separated into groups and started building! “Lets build this type of bridge!” girls were saying, referring to a sheet Ms. Munah showed them demonstrating 15 different types of bridges such as: Pratt Bridge, Pennsylvania Bridge, Lattice bridge, Warren Bridge, Parker Bridge, Camelback Bridge, etc. The girls were collaborating working together, each assigning themselves jobs “You will be working in this part of the bridge while I will cut these parts. Is that ok?” Isabella  said to her group.

Each had to see their budget as well if they needed extra supplies, “Oh wait we only have two more pennies, do we really need the extra supplies?” Mayra was asking her group. After 45 minutes of building their bridges, it was time to test their bridges by adding loads on them to see how much capacity they could hold. And the winner was Group 2, Isabella, Elizabeth and Karina’s group! It held a heavy textbook! The other groups did not leave without acknowledgement, however. One group was acknowledged for their creativity and the other group was acknowledged for the way they worked hard as a team of civil engineers!

Written By: Angelina Jaimes

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