Many of the girls came back to program and were recounting that they had an eventful and restful spring break. The girls were rejuvenated and ready to dive back into program again!

I challenged the girls to an activity called “The Battle of the Beaks.” The activity uses the example of Charles Darwin’s Galapagos finches to teach about evolution and survival of the fittest. The girls were roleplaying as various birds with different size beaks. The girls utilized tweezers, binder clips, forks, and clothespin as their “beaks” to collect as much food: pinto beans, macaroni, rubber bands, and toothpicks into their stomachs (which were really just cups). Each of the girls were assigned one beak and had to capture as much food in a minute and a half. The girls were ecstatic and very competitive! I heard them shout to each other “No cheating! You can only pick up one at a time!” Overall, the girls really liked the activity because they were able to hypothesize which beaks were better at collecting the food. It helped them understand about the behavior of birds and about evolution.

As we move on to the end of the semester, the girls are busy preparing for the WOW/ROK (Review of Knowledge) event. The event entails the girls showcasing what they’ve been doing these two semesters with experiments that they’ve already done or new experiments that they want to present to their families and friends. They decided that they wanted to do a dry ice experiment, and to present a DNA and animal cell model. The girls are busy with putting together the DNA and animal cell model, and conducting the dry ice experiment. In addition, they have already designed their tri-fold boards, and are practicing what they’re going to say at the event! The girls are extremely excited and cannot wait to show you their experiments! Please stay tuned to see how the event turns out!

Written By: Annie Yung

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