The launch was supposed to be in late April, but we had to postpone due to poor weather conditions. After all the hype, the students really wanted to see what their hard work pay off at the end. Some students understood the condition while others were disappointed to not see what they did be a success.

There were multiple thoughts about how to keep the students engaged in rocketry when the biggest thing they were looking forward to was postponed to a later date. Multiple ideas came up, adding a camera to the rocket, adding a computer to the rocket, teaching the students how to solder. There was one that would make the students excited about coming to class: The egg dropping competition! I brought in several materials for this competition to help the students with their engineering of the egg container. The dollar store is where most of the supplies come from. Supplies consisted of things like packing peanuts, aluminum foil, containers, corn starch, foam, and newspaper. When the students found out about the competition they wanted to have a gender based competition boy’s vs girl’s. This worked well considering Judy and I are both instructors. There was a slight trick that I played on the students to make sure that everybody was engaged in the activity. I showed the students a picture of my pet turtle Godzilla and told them that the eggs that I brought for the competition was from her batch of eggs. Surprisingly, this worked very well. All the students brought into my story and was extremely careful packing and wrapping the egg.

There was only one way to find out that the egg was not really a turtle egg.: the team had to drop the egg and see what was inside. Both teams were done with their protective containers and the boys went first. The eggs were dropped at about ten feet high. After the drop, the boys checked their egg, no success. The boys’ egg cracked! As the boys were unpacking their container, the girls went. After the ten feet drop the girls unpacked their egg, success. The girls ended up winning the competition. As the boys unpacked their container to see the broken egg they soon discovered that the egg as an original egg you get from an egg carton. They soon went on to tell the whole class that they didn’t kill a baby turtle.

Written By: Nigel Ray

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