What would life be without engineers? It’s a field that is growing but there are not enough people to fulfill the jobs requested.

As a teacher, one problem that I constantly run into is how to show students different career field than what they are used to. Growing up in certain neighborhoods, you are only exposed to certain things while others have multiple options. It seems that the current generation wants more than what their parents have. A house with a white picket fence is no longer the American dream, well at least to my boys it’s not. When asked how you see yourself in the future they always say they want to be rich or rant about the new Rolls Royce coupe that they will be driving in. After their response, I always follow up with how are you going to get that Rolls Royce. Of course, they always say rapping or being professional sports player. What if there was a different way to obtain their American dream?

As humanity constantly advances, we need more people to help with the innovation to keep life a breeze for the working class. I usually try to show my students that rapping and playing sports will get you millions, but what about billions? What if we look at Richard Branson (Virgin America Inc. CEO), the billionaire who started a phone company and now has his own island and airplane company. Or what about Dean Kamen the Segway inventor who always wanted a secret passage way in his house as a kid and finny fulfilled his dream. The passage way is small compared to how he makes it to work every day. Mr. Kamen has a glass door that folds as he remote controls his personal helicopter out and flies to work in minutes. This is better than any Rolls Royce if you ask me. Finally, The real life Iron Man himself: Elon Musk. This man shows that being an engineer pays off more than anything in life despite generational wealth. He started from nothing and now has three successful companies which are all constantly growing.

We can’t thank our partners at the Dyson Foundation enough for helping us grow the S.T.E.M industry as we constantly expose students to new careers.

Written By: Nigel Ray

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