We never knew this semester would have slipped away like this. April has come, and we have only a couple of weeks left. As much as we want to hold this time in our hands, the girls and I have pushed ourselves into the deepest world of learning.

One Tuesday, Dr. Audrey took her time to share her own heart attack experience and why emergency care such as CPR matters with us. Though she was a doctor, she couldn’t save her own life unless someone else would do CPR on her right away. Such an incredible story that she shared with us and the girls had so many questions about her “saving” moments and her afterwards-life. Dr. Audrey has a little machine inside her chest that she has to keep for the rest of her life.

Then, here came a time for us to give a try CPR. CPR that we know might sound easy to do, but it takes a lot of pressure and breaths from us – you cannot stop pressing one’s chest until a paramedic comes. You cannot even slow down or go faster. There is a beat to follow to save one’s life. Never easy to save someone’s life, right? Yet, if you have done this right, then there is a high chance to save someone no matter where you are. Like on the street or inside the grocery shop. “Oh, my gosh it is not easy,” said Nicole who wants to be a doctor. “You’re right, it is not. You always need your friend or someone else with you to shift. You cannot do this alone.” Dr. Audrey explained and had the girls in pairs to practice CPR. Each one should do at least 30 times and change this with a partner; then Dr. Audrey pretended to be a paramedic. The girls were quiet. All that could be heard was harsh air breathing through the room. Thirty taps later, everyone breathed out deeply. “It is tiring,” said Chelsea. “Yes, it is very tiring, but you have just saved life.” Dr. Audrey responded with a smile. “I am very proud of you all and so glad that I got to spend time with you all.” “You now know how to save life. Remember that you can at least increase a chance to save someone.” Dr. Audrey ended that day with such a beautiful note. On behalf of Project Exploration, the girls and I like to give her special thanks for her time to be with us. Thank you, Dr. Audrey.

Written By: Bori Kim

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