The final weeks crept up on us. It has been a bit chaotic and hectic trying to simultaneously prepare for the WOW and the ROK (Review of Knowledge). However, the girls were ecstatic to work on showcasing new experiments that they hadn’t worked on this past year. The girls wanted to challenge themselves with relatively new topics and ideas.

The beginning of our preparation entailed reviewing the scientific method. We briefly enumerated each of the steps. With the dry ice experiment, the girls wanted to investigate the question: “Does dry ice sublimate faster in oil, water, or rubbing alcohol?” As for the DNA and cell model, the girls wanted to answer the questions: “What is DNA? What is an Eukaryotic cell?” From that point on, we were able to focus on constructing our experiments.

As we started to construct the cell model, the majority of the girls asked fundamental and important questions regarding the structure and the components of the cell. The DNA model group learned about specific base pairings as they constructed the DNA out of Twizzlers, gummy bears, and toothpicks. As for the dry ice group, they were in awe and shock once they the dry ice started to sublimate into the rubbing alcohol, oil, and water. Right off the bat, one of the girls asked, “Why is oil taking so long?” Many of the girls hypothesized that dry ice sublimates a lot slower in oil because the oil is so thick. After the experiments were done, the girls started to work on on their tri-fold boards and began preparing for the WOW and the ROK.

The WOW and the ROK were a huge success!!!!! The girls took full ownership of their boards and confidently presented their experiments to their parents, to other girls from different schools, and other esteemed guests. As a reward for their hard work, the girls devoured their entire “cell” and DNA model!!!!! Thank you for reading our blogs! See you in the fall semester! 🙂

Written By: Annie Yung

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