Weeks before the showcase, the Forensic Investigators were very excited! They started planning what they were going to do. They used what they had learned throughout the whole program. LuzMarie Bond was the leader of planning what they were going to do. She made sure that everyone had roles and knew what everyone was doing. The Forensic Investigators had decided on making an interactive mock crime scene.

When the showcase started, they had the curtains closed and the scene set up. They started making screams and other sounds of someone being “murdered.” That’s when the curtains opened, and the “officers” and “detectives” were on scene. They introduced that they arrived at the crime scene and found two victims. At that point, the called the “Medical Examiner” Emilio Islas to come pick up the two victims. Once Emilio had picked up the victims, the “officers/detectives” had collected the evidence. They sent that evidence to the forensic laboratory where Melissa Herrera was going to run tests on each piece of evidence. Emilio had identified the two victims as Grace Batalla and Briana Quezada. They were both “murdered” by blunt force trauma. There were three suspects sitting in with the audience: Jacqueline Ortiz and two art program students were the three suspects. The “officers” went into the audience and arrested all three suspects. They brought the suspects up stage and started interrogating them. Melissa interrupts the interrogation with their findings. They said that the fingerprints found matched to the suspect Jacqueline Ortiz.

When the curtains closed, LuzMarie Bond came back out and said what happened. The “scene” had taken place the night of their military ball. Jacqueline Ortiz had “murdered” Grace and Briana because she was jealous that they went to the dance together. She was also jealous because Briana sabotaged the votes for winning court.

Written By: Karen Duquette

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