This week was the Environmental Adventurers first two days of program! It was very exciting to put names to faces. Wednesday, we started off with an icebreaker to get to know each other better. Everyone stood up and made a circle. The students went around saying their name and their favorite food, and, after everyone had their turn, we lined up in alphabetical order. My favorite response was from Moneeka who said that her favorite food was everything. The catch to this icebreaker, however, was that no one could speak while they were lining up. Everyone did an amazing job and managed to get in alphabetical order without a peep! After our introductions, the students took the initiative and wrote their own code of conduct. Everyone had great ideas to contribute. Some of the most common rules that student suggested included respecting others and listening when others are speaking. Students also had the opportunity to decorate their code of conduct which we later hung on the wall to refer to. Students then had the chance to ask questions about the program. We went over all the awesome field trips that are planned and the topics that we will be covering. It seemed that our history of life lesson intrigued students the most. On Thursday, we continued to talk about what will be happening during our program and students contributed their own ideas to the lesson plans. Amya suggested we make our own crystals next week since we will be talking about the formation of the Earth and the history of life. We finished off the day by watching a documentary about the Cambrian explosion. I was pleased to see that the students were really interested in all the strange life forms that arose from the Cambrian explosion and was even more pleased by the questions they asked after watching the documentary. Nayelli asked about the common ancestor for all animals. Her question brought up an interesting point, and we explored the topics of cell biology and genetics. Overall, this week was amazing, and I know next week will be full of curiosity and great questions!

Written By: Sandra Munoz

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