This was a very exciting week for the Environmental Adventurers! Monday marked our third week (our halfway point) of program. We started off the week by learning about vertebrate animals, more specifically mammals. The week before, the class picked some of their favorite vertebrates that they wanted to learn more about. For Monday, Amya suggested we learn more about giraffes and dogs. She shared that she was surprised to know that giraffes have the same number of vertebrae as humans do. After our discussion, students made their own vertebrates and invertebrates out of clay and pipe cleaners and we compared how a backbone makes a difference on an animal’s physiology.

On Tuesday, we made our own vertebrate skeletons out of pasta! Moneeka picked out fish template and added wonderful detail to all of its skeletal structure. On Wednesday, students picked their favorite vertebrate and did their own research on them. Then, they presented their findings to the class and stapled their animal to our “Vertebrate vs Invertebrate” chart (that will be completed next week when we go over invertebrates). Thursday was our culminating event for the week: field trip to The Plant. The students were super excited to go and learn about circular economies. Amya and Nayelli were particularly intrigued by The Plants aquaponics system and how they contribute to a circular economy.

Written By: Sandra Munoz

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