This week gave way to whole new learning experiences and not just for the students! This week the Science Giants got to put all that they have learned to the test by doing the activities and teaching the concepts they had learned to kids at from Channing’s Daycare. Both the students and the kids got to enjoy this experience at By the Hand, in the Austin neighborhood: a facility that makes hands on learning exceptionally fun and easy 🙂

In their first two days working with the kids, the Science Giants worked with boys and girls separately: boys on Monday, girls on Tuesday. In these sessions, the students showed the kids how to make a cloud in a jar, which led into all sorts of fun making a color laden shaving cream cloud and an in-depth conversation on how thunderstorms occur and the role they play in tornadoes. These two simple activities led to so much more learning about concepts we all see in our everyday lives, yet it still created such wonderment in the kids’ eyes! The students got a surprise of their own when going over these activities and concepts at how readily the kids understood big words like atmosphere and evaporation. Thus, the students learned too: not to underestimate the vast learning capabilities of children. On Wednesday, the students took on a more challenging task. They worked with both the boys and the girls together on a much more involved activity. They made lungs in a bottle, which taught the kids all about the significance of the respiratory system and they even learned of an organ/muscle they had never heard of before, the diaphragm. The kids also got to make a balloon expand without blowing any air in it, which taught them about CO2 and the behavior of gases. Again, these are concepts that impact our everyday lives, and the kids may have never fully understood before how we breathe or what we breathe. This allowed the Science Giants to be true giants to these kids by being the ones to explore and explain these simple yet amazing phenomena to them. Each day, I heard the kids express how much they learned, and how cool the activity was. For the students to hear that and for the kids to say that is all the proof anyone should need that the future is bright for all of us because of the places these students and kids are going 🙂

Finally, we wrapped up the week with a trip to the Garfield Park Conservatory where we tied weather and respiration together and what these concepts mean to a variety of species and our Earth as a whole. The students explored the self-guided exhibit of Adaptations learning about how weather conditions across the millennia and the globe have impacted how everything breathes by consequence of adaptation. I even had an in-depth conversation with them about how, as part of adaptation to changing conditions, plants even have developed a way to communicate with one another. Their facial expressions were priceless! If this week is any indicator of what is to come then next week should be beyond words …but I will still try 🙂

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