This week, the Forensic Investigators learned about Forensic Anthropology and Forensic Entomology! Both of those topics are the study of bugs and bones respectively. For the forensic anthropology activity, they had put together skeletons like they were Forensic Anthropologists. Alexandra Rivera was doing well on the activity. They also had to measure a bone and do some equations to see who the bone belonged to. David Cruz, LuzMarie Bond, and Kiara Balleza were the ones that were really into doing the equations and trying to figure out whom the bone belonged to. The next activity they did involved reading different cases, figuring out what “bugs” they had, and guessing what happened in the cases. Alexandra Rivera, LuzMarie Bond, Terreal Glass, and Mia Isla’s group really understood what to do, and they thought it was cool how bugs can be used in forensics. On Tuesday, they learned about the forensic laboratory and forensic toxicology. The activity they had to do was guess the different powders with different substances such as iodine, vinegar, and water. A lot of the students really enjoyed trying to guess what each of the powders were. During our reflection time, we talked more about drug testing in workplaces, and they thought that it was cool that hair could be used to test for drugs instead of just doing a urine test.

Questioned Documents was what they learned about on Wednesday. They learned about handwriting analysis and how to test different inks. The first activity they did was everyone wrote the same sentence, and they had to go through and figure out differences in each other’s hand writing. Kiara Balleza had really enjoyed this activity. The next activity they split up into two different groups and wrote ransom notes to each other. They then had to figure out who wrote each ransom note by getting written exemplars from everyone in that group and comparing the different handwriting styles. Joshua Smith and David Cruz really enjoyed that activity. They ended up questioning the other group like they were interrogating them. For the final activity that day, they did ink chromatography, in which they took different inks such as colored pens, markers, and sharpies and put them on filter paper. they then put the paper into two different beakers of acetone and isopropyl alcohol. They figured out that the acetone was moving a little bit faster than the isopropyl alcohol.

Thursday was the most exciting day for everyone. They learned about footwear and tire tread impressions. The activity they did was to make their own impressions of their shoe-prints. They started by getting the sand ready and making the dental stone. They had to take the dental stone and water in a Ziploc bag and mix it till it was the consistency of pancake batter. They then worked together to pour it slowly onto their shoe-print impression. We had to wait a little bit for their impression to dry. Then, they picked up their impression and started to brush it off. They were all really excited to see how their impression turned out, and they started comparing theirs to others

Written By: Karen Duquette

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