This week, Environmental Adventurers wrapped up learning about invertebrates and vertebrates. We started off on Monday talking about arthropods and all the wonders of insects, arachnids, and crustaceans. In order to explore more in depth the topic of bones vs no bones, students had the opportunity to create hands made out of latex gloves, water, and pipe cleaners. They used the pipe cleaners as bones in the hand and the water as all the muscle and other organic material found in our bodies. The students had a great time making their hands with bones and hands without bones.

On Tuesday, students put their volunteering hats on and visited Leland Elementary to assist in their gardens. Students mainly weeded and helped the garden coordinators harvest vegetables that they later took home. Nayelli said that she loved gardening at Leland so much that she wants to volunteer for their program in the future.

On Wednesday, we were back in the classroom learning about mollusks. The class was surprised to find out that octopuses and squids fall under the mollusk category. We watched a dissection video of a mussel and students were also surprised to learn about all the organs that these mollusks actually contain in their body cavity. Terrance said that he had never really thought that when he ate mussels, he was eating them with all of that stuff inside of them. We also finished our vertebrate vs Invertebrate classification chart. Students picked their two favorite invertebrates, drew a picture, wrote facts about it, and presented it to the class.

On Thursday, we had the pleasure of welcoming Mr. Levesque who facilitated an ASM C.O.O.L workshop for us. In this workshop, Mr. Levesque helped students develop and practice building communication competencies. We practiced how to give strong greetings, start professional conversations and know how to maintain them, and how to provide structured and relevant explanations about the things they are learning in Environmental Adventurers. The students loved having Mr. Levesque, and even though some were shy at first, everyone participated and learned something new about themselves. Nayelli and Amya were super interested in attending another C.O.O.L workshop. We ended the day with a warm goodbye to Mr. Levesque and gave him a thank you card that all the students signed.

Written By: Sandra Munoz

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