Sadly, it was our second to last week for the Forensic Investigators Program, but this week was by far one of the coolest weeks! The Forensic Investigators learned about crime scene investigation! They learned about the procedures to take when they get to a crime scene, how about how to sketch/diagram a scene, and the steps to photograph a scene. After a diagram is created and photographs are taken, Forensic Examiners can properly collect whatever evidence is at that crime scene. On Tuesday and Wednesday, the students used different instruments such as: a hammer, a metal baseball bat, a wooden pole, a rake, a metal pole, and various other instruments from inside the junk car to smash said junk cars. Tuesday, they started off smashing the van. They noticed it took a while to smash just because it was so big. Each student had a blast on smashing the cars. Joshua Smith had climbed on top of the van, and started smashing the front window with the baseball bat. After a while of Kiara Balleza swinging at the van with the rake, the rake finally broke. Alexandra Rivera had brought a big metal spoon to see if it would do anything to the van. David Cruz started by smashing the headlights in. After a while of smashing the van, the students noticed a couple of Chicago Police officers driving past. Eventually they ended up pulling up in the parking lot. They had said they received a call. I then explained, “I am instructor for this program called Forensic Investigators for After School Matters and Project Exploration.” Then I preceded to tell them that they were going to use it as a crime scene for their showcase next week. The students got back to smashing the van. As Theopolas Taylor was taking hits to the van, he ended up breaking the wooden pole.

On Wednesday, the students came back outside to start smashing the car. They thought it was a lot easier and faster to smash the car since it was smaller than the van. They had really torn the car up compared to the van. LuzMarie Bond and Patty Williams really wanted to pop the tires with a pair of scissors. Treylan Holmes was really focused on using the metal baseball bat to try to force open the trunk off the car. It almost worked; it ended up being halfway off. They smashed the doors up so bad that two of the doors won’t open, and one of the doors won’t close. They ended up also taking the door handles off the car. Alexandra Rivera and Kiara Balleza had used the hammer to remove the rims off the wheels. Patty Williams was using the hammer, which also eventually broke. The metal baseball bat ended up being dented, and it started to lose the color, while the metal pole was still intact although slightly more bent. Over the course of those two days, the students really enjoyed smashing those junk cars to pieces.

Written By: Karen Duquette

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