This week marked the fifth week of the Environmental Adventurers program! Everyone was super excited to start the week but also a little sad that program is coming to an end. On Monday, students were introduced to native species and how they benefit the environment and ecosystems they inhabit. Nayelli reminded us about milkweed and its importance to both us and pollinators. Students were reminded of their previous field trip to Leland elementary where they assisted in weeding the schools garden. After our lesson, students dissected their own flower! They were introduced to all the parts of a flower and then drew a detailed diagram of their findings. Maurice was surprised to find out that flowers contained both male and female reproductive parts. On Wednesday, we changed things up a bit by having class outside in the courtyard. Students learned about invasive species and how big of an impact they can have on the environment. Amya recalled learning about zebra mussels and Asian carp in school. The green scenery complimented our plant lesson and also provided a great space for planting flowers! Each student had the opportunity to plant either flowers or some veggies and will be taking their plants home at the end of program to see them grow.

Written By: Sandra Munoz

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