This week marked the final days of summer program for Environmental Adventurers. It was a sad but also an exciting week! On Monday, we had our final lesson which focused on ecology. Students learned how all their previous lessons all connected to ecology. Students were also pleased to see that their seeds from last week were already sprouting! On Tuesday, we prepared for our end of program showcase and had a review session of all the material we covered this summer. Michael and Moneeka said that they enjoyed learning about environmental sciences so much that they’re considering it as a career option! For the showcase preparations, students paired up and chose their favorite project/activity that they did during program. Each group decorated half of a trifold poster board and prepared their materials for the showcase. Wednesday was the day of the end of program showcase. The students were really excited to share what they had learned. Michael, Ireon, Maurice, Beresford, and Moneeka all presented on invertebrates and vertebrates, and Amya presented on rocks and fossils. Jaclyn from Project Exploration came in to see the students work. Everyone had a great time sharing, especially Maurice and Ireon. Maurice and Ireon chose the slime project and were determined to have their slime the correct consistency. After multiple attempts, they were finally able to achieve it.

On Thursday, the students went on a field trip to the Peggy Notebaert Nature museum. While there, the students had the opportunity to explore other students’ research projects and learn about the interesting and diverse ecosystem of Chicago. We all then explored the museum as a group. Moneeka and Deprasia brought to my attention that there was a live dissection of a rabbit and a small bird happening. The students all rallied around the countertop where the dissection was taking place and had the opportunity to ask the staff questions about the animal and the services that the museum provided. Overall, this was a very exciting summer full of learning and personal growth for both the students and myself!

Written By: Sandra Munoz

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