This last week was sadly the last week for the Forensic Investigators Program. I’ve truly enjoyed showing these students what Forensic Science is all about! I’m glad that there are some students that want to continue with this program in the Fall. Also, I’m glad that there are students considering going into this field. All week, they worked on getting ready for the showcase that was on Wednesday. On Monday, they finalized the details of the showcase. They decided on a putting together a mock crime scene. On Tuesday, the focus was on creating the props. They were all very creative; they ended up making a police car and an ambulance. The story of the crime scene was that Kiara Balleza (Mom), Joshua Smith (Dad), and Mia Islas (Sister) were picking up their drop-out college-aged son, David Cruz. Before they picked him up, he was addicted to drugs with zombie-like characteristics. He was buying drugs from the Zombies/Drug Dealers, who were: LuzMarie Bond, Treylan Holmes, Alexandra Rivera, Alyssa Sherman. When Kiara and Josh picked up David, they got into a car crash with the Drug Dealers/Zombies. Treylan was the main suspect because it was discovered that he was the one who then preceded to get out of the car and kill David for not paying for the drugs. He then killed Josh as well. Pattie Williams, Damaris Cruz, and Terreal Glass were the Crime Scene Investigators that collected the evidence and took it to the forensic laboratory for testing. Once the lab results came back, Theopolas Taylor, who was the Police Officer in this case, chased Treylan and arrested him for the murder of David Cruz and Joshua Smith. On the day of the Showcase, they started out in the gym, and then they brought the crime scene act outside where they got to use the cars that they smashed the last week.

Written By: Karen Duquette

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