Meet Torri Hampton

Being a STEM Facilitator is one of the most rewarding jobs due to the roll that you play within helping students experience and inspire different aspects of life. My name is Torri Hampton, and I am fairly new to Project Exploration. I found Project Exploration through my sisters, and I am very pleased to be chosen to teach this fall and spring. I am very excited to start program this fall season. Engaging in hands-on projects with youth is a subject that I have been engaged in for at least three years now. I plan on bringing fun dedicated project management to help students engage more in science and other STEM fields. I am here to inspire and dig deep into my student’s imagination with different leadership and entrepreneurial skills.

The Sisters4Science program is targeted towards helping girls be more innovative and interested in wanting to pursue different fields in STEM. Engaging the girls in hands on experiments and knowledge regarding science, technology, math, and engineering is the main focus through the fall 2017 semester. The objective of creating a safe, open environment will keep the girls intrigue and ready to learn. Helping students advance and become more innovative is a huge part of the program. Through the program the girls will be working on building inventions to help better their lives or someone else life. They will learn how to mold, promote, and sell their products. Targeting all the subjects within the STEM to better promote entrepreneur skills is a must within the program.



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