Get Excited! On October 2nd Environmental Adventures is ready to kick off another great year of…well… literally saving the world! This year we are pulling back a little bit from global ecology of the far away tropics to focus in more on our own little slice of the world here in Chicago!

Students will learn about our city’s environmental history and their place in it. From the wide prairie land and ephemeral wetlands before colonization, to the farm of DuSable, to the slag pits and polluted rivers of the 1900’s, to the reversal of the Chicago river and restoration efforts of today.

All this to lay the ground work for our own efforts in saving the world. Students will learn the importance of urban agriculture, an important practice in the dense food deserts of Chicago. We will discuss how we ended up in a world where avocado toast is more expensive than a cheeseburger and how we can stay happy and healthy in the world of the 24 hour drive thru.

We will also tackle all levels of pollution, especially to our one of a kind great lakes. Workdays are already planned with the “adopt-a-beach” program and urban garden partners to give our student first hand experience in creating the environment they want to live in. from complex chemical test on the composition of our lake water, to a blind taste test of the “fancy” expensive bottled waters to find out if that premium is worth paying.

Another focus of the program is the effect consumerism plays in society. From birth, we learn to identify the swoosh, the LV, and the apple as signs of quality, even as we toss them out yearly for the new hotness! How do we live in a world of buy now pay later, burying waste, and yearly upgrades? What does reduce, reuse, recycle mean, and where does the recycling and, more importantly, the trash go?

Curious yet? Stay tuned to Project Exploration’s “Environmental Adventurers” blog and follow us on Instagram and Facebook for daily updates from our ever changing classroom.

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