Middle School Programs


As we move into the fall, Project Exploration (PE) is heating up with the start of our fall programs! Our program team has been working non-stop to cultivate our community partners, increase the variety and number of our programs, and build new partnerships to create exciting new opportunities for our participants!

Our longest running program, Sisters4Science (S4S), is still going strong! We will continue to run this program at four schools: Ariel Community Academy (Kenwood), Carter G. Woodson South Middle School (Bronzeville), Orozco Community Academy (Pilsen), and Frederick Funston Elementary School (Logan Square) – all a part of our program portfolio for the past 3 years! PE is also pleased to announce that we have expand our Sisters program to the Austin community on the west side at Spencer Technology Academy! The girls in our S4S program will focus on the Nature of Science, including the inquiry process, the scientific method, and the engineering design process in the fall and will build on those principles with STEM professionals in the spring!


As an extension of our work with middle school students, we are expanding our Brothers4Science program at Carter G. Woodson South Middle School in the Bronzeville neighborhood. We have developed a new partnership with the Woods Educational Enrichment Foundation to introduce the boys to all aspects of the engineering design process, focusing on mechanical engineering, electrical engineering, and civil engineering while the boys have a chance to design their own house!

High School Programs

Forensic Investigators

Project Exploration is also continuing with our four high school programs in partnership with After School Matters. Forensic Investigators at Phoenix Military Academy will be moving towards a curriculum focused on Forensic Chemistry and Law Enforcement. The program is looking forward to going to see real life court cases on trial.

Environmental Adventurers

Environmental Adventurers at Austin College & Career Academy will continue to learn about the environment and the human impact on environmental issues. In addition, PE has developed a new partnership with Space to Grow and George Leland Elementary School in the Austin neighborhood to cultivate, learn about, and maintain the community garden that has been created on the school grounds.

Explore Engineering: Student Racing Challenge

Explore Engineering at The Resurrection Project’s Casa Hidalgo Youth Center will engage students in the Ten80 Education Student Racing Challenge. This program will have teens investigate engineering through the building, assembly, and modifications of electric radio controlled cars with the added challenge of preparing for a city-wide competition with other locations running the Ten80 Student Racing Challenge.

Science Giants

Science Giants, a community engagement and improvement program, at Al Raby School for Community and Environment will be moving towards learning more about urban agriculture and community gardening. Science Giants will cultivate a community garden near their school and learn about community impact through a partnership with Inspiration Kitchen in the Garfield Park community.

And we’re not done yet!

Science Digest Days

PE has expanded our program portfolio even more this year! With a Spark Grant through the Hive Fund for Connected Learning at the Chicago Community Trust, we will relaunch Science Digest days, in partnership with Chicago Youth Centers. Science Digest days will offer six out-of-school workshops open to communities served by Chicago Youth Centers, including North Lawndale, Bronzeville, and South Shore. We will recruit other Hive organizations as well as individuals to lead workshop participants through a hands-on, interactive STEM activities to engage the whole family in learning!

We are looking forward to a very exciting and full year at Project Exploration! Check back to the blog for updates on all the programs listed above and much more!

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