Meet Sandra Munoz

Hi, all! My name is Sandra Munoz, and I am thrilled to be the STEM facilitator for Sister4Science at Frederick Funston Elementary. I graduated in May of this year with a Bachelor degree in Biology from the University of Illinois at Chicago, and I am extremely excited to share my passion of the natural world with the students at Funston. I am really passionate about ecology and environmental science, I and plan on working towards my Masters in ecology next fall. I heard about Project Exploration through a friend and now fellow co-worker, Kyle. He told me about all the amazing work that Project Exploration does with students,, and I was really eager to join the team to help contribute to the work that Project Exploration does. I am excited about joining the team, especially the Sisters4Science program, because being a woman of color, I know how difficult it can be to be a part of a STEM field. I want to bring awareness to the girls at Funston about just how fun and rewarding STEM careers can be. At the very least, I want to peak their interest in science and show them that STEM is something that is attainable for them. For program this year, I plan on exposing the girls to as many STEM topics as possible. So far, I am going to talk about forest ecology, meteorology, engineering, and physics. I plan on incorporating hand on projects that I know the students will enjoy very much.


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