Project Exploration Building Partnerships

Project Exploration has a new Science Giants STEM Facilitator, Torri Hampton who has a Master of Science in Agricultural Economics. She has a passion towards helping youth embrace their full potential by using fields in STEM by connecting real-life problem solving to science and the environment around them. She is excited to teach agriculture to her students on how to have a sustainable life and future. Torri is also very happy to have a partnership with Science Giants & Inspiration Kitchen.

Inspiration Kitchen helps men & women learn in their kitchens to build the foundation for a better future while giving back to their community. The Science Giant’s students will be helping Inspiration kitchen in their garden. Students will be learning how to grow their own food and how to prepare it, as well as, gaining entrepreneurship skills and leadership skills.

This November we are are continuing our partnership with them by hosting an #ILGive event at Inspiration Kitchen. Keep your eyes out for more information to come join us!

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