Last Wednesday, October 25, was the first day and start of Brothers4Science at Carter G. Woodson Middle School. There turned out to only be a few boys, but they were so excited that the program was finally gonna start this year at their school. One of the boys said, “I’ve been waiting two whole years for Brothers4Science! The girls have it and always kicked us out when we wanted to see what they were doing! Now it’s our turn!” Seeing and hearing these young boys have so much passion about having the Brothers4Science program reminded about why I went to school and studied chemistry.

After doing name introductions and settling all the program logistics, we did an ice breaking activity using marshmallows and toothpicks. Using these tools, each boy had the goal of building the tallest and sturdiest structure without falling. After a time limit of 10 minutes, all the boys would stop and test each others marshmallow structure by the “earthquake” test. The test was to bang on and shake the tables to see which structure would fall. Only one boy’s structure fell during the test but it was the highest out of all the boys. Afterwards, we all reflected and discussed about our strategies on building and how it relates to real life buildings and bridges. The boys were really energetic about the activity and loved using the marshmallows to build their structures. They seemed very open and ready to engage in more activities. In addition, they also loved the “earthquake” test and enjoyed trying to destroy each others structures too. I think as soon as things are more settled, the boys will really learn a lot from the program, and I’m so excited to help teach them new STEM topics!

Written By: Adrian Villarreal

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