What an eventful October! The girls kickstarted off the program with a highly anticipated camping trip for the first week of October. We took about 20 girls from four different schools down to Camp Sullivan. There were a plethora of activities for the girls to experience such as rock climbing, night hike, camp fire, arts & crafts, and games. The most memorable activity for most of the girls was the night hike! The girls (and myself) had never experienced walking on a path at night with only flashlights! One of the girls, Zion, really enjoyed hiding and popping out to scare the STEM Facilitators and the other girls! We ended the camping trip with different arts & crafts such as making soap, necklaces, lanyards, and chapstick.

The rest of October was filled with different activities. The girls meet every Tuesday from 3:30-5:30! The last two weeks the girls played the role of an engineer. They worked together as a team to design and construct a water raft made out of only aluminum foil, straws, and tape. The goal of the activity was to hold as many pennies as they could without having their water rafts sink. We did this activity twice, since a lot of the girls wanted to modify and revise their water rafts. I asked one group how they were changing the design of their raft. Victoria, Karina, Alexia, and Shelby said, “We are going to use less tape since it weighs a lot, and we’re going to put more straws underneath the aluminum foil.” The majority of the groups were able to hold about 80-150 pennies! Lastly, the girls also designed and constructed their own catapults made out of popsicle sticks, rubber bands, and spoons.

The last activity they did tested out their senses! They used different solutions such as lemon juice, salt water, honey, and cocoa to map out their tongue. They learned that taste buds are on different parts of our tongue, and that majority of people taste sourness on the sides of their tongue, saltiness near the front and the sides, sweetness on the tip of the tongue, and bitterness towards the back. The girls also learned that different parts of our body have more nerve endings than others, and so our fingertips are more sensitive than our upper arms.

The girls are always excited to try out new and different activities. They have been requesting to do slime, build volcanoes, and do dissections! We will be dissecting cow eyes towards the end of this semester, so please stay tuned!

Written By: Annie Yung

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