Project Exploration builds partnerships to support engaging minority youth in STEM Education.

Meet Woods Eductional Enrichment Foundation (WEEF)

Project Exploration (PE) is dedicated to building high-quality STEM Education Programs through effective and collaborative partnerships. We are pleased to start a new partnership with the Woods Educational Enrichment Foundation (WEEF). With a similar vision WEEF aims to eliminate the barriers placed on career opportunities for minorities in the STEM fields. WEEF encourages students to pursue STEM by exposing them to real world STEM problems, minority professionals, corporations and active work-sites; and by providing enriching programming that strengthens their critical thinking and analytical problem solving abilities. Through interactive projects WEEF provides tangible experiences for students to learn real world intricacies and excitement of the many career options available to them in the STEM fields. Our goal is to increase minority representation and leadership in the STEM fields and to empower our students to become entrepreneurs who change the landscape and face of STEM.

Marcus Woods, Founder of WEEF dedicated to bringing STEM Education to underrepresented youth.

WEEF Founder, Marcus Woods plans to give boys in the PE, Brothers4Science program at Carter G. Woodson Elementary School the opportunity to be fully engaged and excited about all kinds of engineering through building a model house! The community that WEEF works with is full of untapped potential. Woods, shares that partnering with PE helps his long term mission to transform lives through opportunity and education and increasing the number of STEM professionals that have been traditionally underrepresented. Woods, believes that WEEF’s impact will create generational change in scholars communities and families. In the next 5-10 years he hopes to see a cyclical effect of scholars who matriculated through WEEF and PE, coming back to build and empower their communities through their careers.

Woods, a product of Chicago Public Schools and the southside of Chicago, knows that when given the slightest of opportunities, underrepresented youth make the most of them and go on to thrive in STEM fields! We encourage students to pursue careers in STEM by using minority STEM professionals to expose scholars to STEM content through interactive workshops. Students are able to assess and analyze the role of the engineering disciplines through mini lessons. Then, they utilize that knowledge to determine solutions. These workshops strengthen scholar’s critical thinking and analytical problem solving skills and give them the opportunity to forge authentic relationships with STEM professionals and improve their networking skills. Looking at the job trends of the United States and other countries, you can see a shift in the market trends towards STEM fields and we don’t want to be left behind. So the role of developing science in his community is very important.

Marcus once worked with a high school student that was required to attend tutoring because her grades were all D’s and F’s. After spending time with her he realized that she was capable of doing the work, but she just didn’t have the interest to work on material not challenging to her. As a result, she didn’t prioritize it. Now, she is a senior in college studying Biochemistry at the University of Illinois.  She has even studied abroad in South America and worked with major firms as a summer intern. All she needed was encouragement and exposure to something more and she is flying high.

This is what matters!  

Project Exploration is honored to partner with Marcus Woods and WEEF to continue to expose underrepresented youth to grow their curiosity and be exposed to the wonders of STEM education!


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