This month in program, the Funston girls finally had the opportunity to get to know one another and also get their hands dirty in experimenting with colors. The girls started off program on Wednesday by introducing each other, but with a twist. The girls stood in a circle and tossed a small ball to each other. The person who tossed the ball had to say something nice about the person who caught the ball. There was a nice sense of comradery in the room with compliments literally being thrown back and forth. We learned a lot about each other, including that one of the girls’ dog had just been found after running away a few days ago. Everyone was super excited to hear the good news. We also had the chance to finish our Code of Conduct. Each girl wrote a few rules on sticky notes that they felt were necessary for everyone to follow and to have program running smoothly. One of my favorites was “Have Fun (:”. The girls grabbed all the colored markers they could find and decorated the Code of Conduct with squiggles, hearts, and emoji’s. At the end of program, our Code of Conduct was half rules and half work of art, thanks to the girls. For our hands on project we tried to make a water fountain out of two bottles and a fountain kit. The girls were excited to take the lead in this experiment but unfortunately our two plastic bottles were not the same size and we had to set that project aside. However, one of the girls in program got curious about colors and the color wheel. We decided to move forward and play with different colored waters and mix them in different proportions to see the color spectrum. Little did the girls know that they were exploring topics in chemistry. We discussed measurements and proper lab techniques and why it is important to have rules in a lab setting. The girls had a blast measuring out the waters and seeing them change.

Written By: Sandra Munoz

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