Did you hear oxygen went on a date with potassium? Yeah, it went OK (lol science humor about the periodic table). Hello, and greetings from Carter G. Woodson. From the last time we connected, the girls have gotten comfortable in the program sessions now. We have settled into a routine that makes our time more efficient to jump right into our activity. The month of October was phenomenal!  I am still learning about the girls and learning from the girls. I am amazed at the girls’ growth and openness to the activities.

In November, we have done activities in both science and engineering. Even though engineering is out of my direct realm, I loved building with the young ladies, but of course the activity I want to indulge in is…SCIENCE…! One activity we did was make lava lamps. Materials used were water bottles, food coloring, water, oil, and Alka-Seltzer tablets. For all our activities in class, the girls are empowered to lead and ask questions. After each direction, there were follow-up inquiries, “Well why does the oil sit on top on the water instead of blend together?” Osiana answered, “Because the oil is thicker. You can even feel that the oil is heavier than water.” Just as the statement left her mouth all the girls were comparing the water to the oil. Katelynn chimed in “No, the water will eventually dilute the oil and they will combine.” Without any prompting, they had begun their own discussion about density, combining chemicals, and making their own hypotheses. So in true science fashion, the girls shook the water bottles combining the oil and water. Surprising some, after waiting about three minutes and allowing the ingredients to settle the oil went back to the top and float on top of the water. After that, the girls chose their dye color and put it in the water bottles. Observations were made from the entire class that the food coloring went straight through the oil and settled with the water. Then the exciting part came, and the girls added the Alka-Seltzer tablets were added. Now the fun begins! Adding the Alka-Seltzer to the water bottle gave the illusion of a lava lamp. The girls watched the illusion for a couple minutes and then started to form new observations. “Every time I had more tablets to the water bottle, my bottle gets tighter” said Sarah. “I’m afraid to open mine” added Anise. As a group we opened one water bottle up over the sink, and the girls got excited to see what would happen! “We used mostly all of our senses Ms. Tarana. We used sight, touch, hearing, and smell” said Kyleigh.

After journal refection, more Alka-Seltzer tablets were given to the student to do at home. This experiment was one for the books. I wished every girl in the world got excited for activities the way my young women did. All I can think in my head is how do I top this. As sure as I am passionate about watching the girls grow and develop their science background, December will be EPIC as well!

Written By: Tarana Wroten

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