The Science Giants program at Al Raby High School has allowed me to grow as an instructor in so many ways. Building through ice breakers is a way to really get my students up and ready to participate and stay engaged through the entire program session. At many times, students come to me with ideas on warm up and projects that they would like to engage in. Ice breakers usually focus on team building, such as guiding your partner through a maze, making a sandwich without talking, and common challenges and achievements: jeopardy, charades, and a lot of minute to win it games. The list doesn’t stop there. I once gave my students an icebreaker to write a name poem that expresses how they felt about themselves.

I went as far as recording my students because the poems were so nice. Making everyone participate by reading their poems gives others a chance to hear how their peers feel about themselves. I believe that focusing on self-esteem and up lifting the students also helps them feel safer within the environment, so they can learn. I want every student to feel like they can do whatever they put their minds too. Thinking outside the box and not being afraid to speak up is what our icebreakers represent within Science Giants.

Written By: Torri Hampton

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